Released on June/21/2020

Remastered in October 2020

Lyrics for the verses written and performed by - Jordan Cooper

Lyrics for the Chorus Written by - Anno Domini Nation

Beat Composed by - Anno Domini Nation

Mixing And Mastering by - Jordan Cooper

Remastered by Jordan Cooper



+Verse 1
1. Previously in a time before the sun/
2. But really it was a prehistoric run/
3. Was truly an obstacle the deepest flaw/
4. In a dream that haunts cause I'm dreaming dark/
5. Ready to go it's the calm before the storm/
6. And extinctions already makin its way/
7. From the depths of hell but the sun came out/
8. In an age that was frozen like congenial frost/
9. And your the waking before the dawn/
10. Cause your my smile beneath the mad/
11. And ya took my soul and reattached/
12. When it was stuck between the clamp/
13. And now I feel like Pac but I'm breathing yeah/
14. Cause of you now I'm an uneven match/
15. I slither through the shit, like a snake in the grass/
16. I soar high like a bird cause I'll never be the last/
17. I take one look at you and I vacate my past/
18. Changed fate like I'm layin in a cleasnin bath/
19. A true look at the world weather convex or flat/
20. We paint new skies wit the perfect contrasts/
21. You the foot on the break that slows to let the shit pass/
22. Ya topped up my tank when I was almost outta gas/
23. You lit the path and trust I'll never elude your grasp/
24. Your ruling my clan through the gap like ya got a human app/
25. Like an android eattin an apple on a galaxies tab/
26. Now that's hard problem to compute for smartphones/
27. Before ya my problems, were like the darts thrown, by all the sports pros/
28. Thats how addiction hits home/

Verse 2

1. I got my eyes, on the prize, like I'm lookin at myself, despite my/
2. Offspring, tellin me, I'm pretty fly, for a white guy/
3. going eye for an eye, in the circle of life, you the simba of my pride rock/
4. Anyone tried bringin harm to you, their lifes on the line, it's a title fight/
5. Time after time, its the fight of their life/
6. wit a bounty on their head, no diminished price/
7. I'll take em out like a gang of crooks, you can take my hand, but I'm captain hook/
8. Either Bad or good, you'll be badly shook, just grapple out, to a cabin in the woods/
9. Just Stay away, or be damaged goods, in this bramble bush/
10. You a red rag to a bull, I'll stamp you, like cattle/
11. in this battle, all the way to the east flatbush/
12. Leavin ya Badly shook, like the navel jewel of a belly dancer/
13. Afterwards I'm marvelolus, far as I'm concerned, I'm shining armor/
14. I'm billing out for bigger gates, I'll slap a collar, on a frightening monster/
15. And treat you like a psycho stalker, I'm dropping through like Donna Hough/
16. I reign the laws of Zeus, y'all dumb as shit, no Harvard goons, dad'll beat em down, then we watch cartoons/
17. As we begin to craft, some delicious snacks/
18. As we shift to cast, from issues past, eattin chicken wangs, wit a lil swag/
19. and you tucked me in, cause I'm struggling/