Released On - March/27/2020

Remastered in October 2020

Intro/Outtro & Verse Lyrics Written and performed By - Jordan Cooper

Chorus Lyrics Written and performed By - Anna/

Beat Composed By -

Mixing & Mastering By - Jordan Cooper

Remastered by Jordan Cooper



+Verse 1
1. I think Its about time, that We take, Our Life Back/
2. Gotta stand and fight, to Try and reclaim, Our time Back/
3. Cause it Makes us, Fly the Same heights, as a Climax/
4. Learn to, Compass, Center lines, Like Satellite maps/
5. Ya Better come with me, Were gonna, do it, Together/
6. Never, gonna surrender, Gotta fight, The endeavour/
7. Its a conquest, Leading us to, Da Undercover Adventure/
8. So off of the bleachers, While we, Snatchin balls, Like Aggressors/
9. So now ya gotta get out the way, I'm the, chief of staff/
10. I Refuse, Laying down, Just Like a, tired Giraffe/
11. Lifes been rough, Its how I was made, it never gave me lemons/
12. So call it a raid, cause I stole, All that bitches, Lemonade/
13. I Get crunk, Foo, Snap a two, Inch punch, Like, Kung fu/
14. Wit a Fuck you, I Aint gon duck, and tuck, Two, cause I'm buck, Too/
15. Trust me, Ya gotta, Burn hot like, This desire/
16. Just Jump, Out dat frying pan, and Into, The fire/
+Verse 2
1. Quit Delayin with the sinners, just Commit, and bridge the gap/
2. I shouldn't, have to climb, these herds, with a Vision/
3. For you know it's a trap/
4. You the knot in they shoestring/
5. You glide through beneath, so go tuck your pleadings/
6. Instead of being profound, your getting trapped/
7. Never forget ya clan/
8. I cant let you drown again, I'm on the attack/
9. I'm lawless so never go back, I promise its flawless/
10. Reenact and be the strongest, perhaps raps, Collapse was the genre's/
11. Elapsed time overlaps, when ya roll the dice, like ya shooting craps/
12. Get on this mindset, Superfast, grab a stone cold can, and start whopping ass/
13. Gimme a hell ya, Take names, Start cashing cheques, like collecting tax/
14. Grab that bitch, of an inner demon, And slap em down, thems the facts/
15. Make em a buck, Ya got zero cents, hang em like a PLAQUE, on da wall/
16. Cause I gave ya reason, I'm in pursuit and now its hunting season/
+Verse 3
1. Gotta Get Typical with the Zen, I'm at the critical/
2. Point of inhibiting imbeciles, And Facin all risks/
3. Enduring things in, Analytical principles/
4. No matter how flushed or weak, ya gotta mix it like chemicals/
5. It's never unwinnable, or a suggestible Different belligerent/
6. Description of risk, A little bit sophisticated/
7. Gettin profitable, You fear to distinguish, All that is fixable/
8. And I can say that, You and me are identical, But I found a hex, In the schedule/
9. You can be prolific, Where the emphasis fits/
10. But you won't take a piss, Fakin, tryna Embarrass the king/
11. Cause ain't no way, you can stop me from raising my brainstem/
12. Just keep cruising, cause the poorest, Are the truest/
13. Ya gotta stay unperturbed, and kick the clutter to the curb/
14. Ima give you pussies the shaft nickin ya wit fury/
15. Like a bird in the nicker, Woody droppin the wood pecker/
16. And Im Making a powdered mess, cause, I've bean grinding, Like Baristas/