1. Someday I Will

Lyrics written and performed by Jordan Cooper,

Mixing and mastering by Sonik @ Musicbox Studios,

Remastered by Jordan Cooper in October 2020, For more King Kupa music, mixing and mastering, Please visit

The last song I was working on. After the death of my best friend, and a drug overdose. I decided to put down the mic. Now here I am about to make a return in late 2019, early 2020.

Released 2010



Verse 1:

Gimme love and harmony, So I can see, The fate, that rests in my way, So I can fathom, Being happy, For another day, Stoked for another day, To see Dr. Dre, Inspired by Eminem, In his hip hop days, Shady aftermath, Is up for, Another raise, While we're, In our caddies, Raise a blunt, To get blazed, Brain engulfed, With that pot smoke, Its a crazy, craze, Chronic haze, It brings down, My gumption, And brings on, The lazy days, Now it's time, To awake, From this maze, Now it's time, For me to jump, From a phase, To a-nother phase, Phase one, To phase two, All my unloyal friends, Can go to hell, No stops, Just straight through, I dont need you, I got my new crew, At music box studios, Sonik, Deuce, An Jay Stacks, Gonna make my money stack, And fill my racks, From this, Fuckin track,

Verse 2:

Back in the days, Of my old school life, Had troubles choosing, Between what's wrong, And what's really right, Its like, Once a week, I get into a fight, What gives me the right, To choose people's, Unspoken fate, In retrospect, I mean no, Disrespect, My opinions may not, always be correct, But that dont mean shit, Because I start, Moshpits, When I spit on the, Mic, With my, Lyrical dialect, My flow is murderous, And violent, And it silences ya, When I spit, With the shit, That makes you, Swollow and grit, While you throw, A fit, Cause your losing, And lying in shit, And when I write, I smoke two splifs, While I'm climbing, In style, On these, Lyrical cliffs, Hey man, What's the diff, Did ya catch, a whiff, Of that piff, Probably smells better, Than your, Wifes quiff, Shitty smell, from her, Stinky clit bitch,

Verse 3:

Becoming an mc, It's my yellow brick road, And I'm the only one, who's got, The passcode, Tired of going down, The same old, Dirt road, Today's news, I got a new, Path in mind, And theres, No cold in mine, The future, Is all mine, For the taking, I'm the mastermind, The genius, Behind the rhyme, And I don't, Even make a dime, To me, It's no crime, I do this, For piece of mind, I'm addicted, To this rap, Game of mine, Coming back, With this track, Like an exploding, Landmine, Its like its, Shrapnel rain time, Raining tracks, And a future wall, Full of plaques, All nonbelievers, Can lick my, Sweaty nutsack,