Lyrics written and performed by - Jordan Cooper

Beat, production and mastering by - Sonik @ Musicbox Studios,

Remastered by - Jordan Cooper in October 2020

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Released in 2010


Lyrical Catasrophe :


My Flow Is Hereditary, My Rap Style Has Tragectory, My Words Spit Venum, With Blastphomy, Your Shit Can't Blast Me,
You Can't Get Past Me, I'll Tear You Up, In This Muthafuckin Rap Scene, Look At Me, Ya Judge Me, Cause You Can't Handle Me, Im The Best Thing, Since Wrestling, Im Like A Bird, Nesting, Im Interesting, Im Back Slicin Mics And I Like It, I just Can't Fuckin Fight It, I Take A Joint, And I Light It, Taste The Clit, And Bite It, Grab A Drink, And Spike It, Imma Party All Night, Get My Head Lit, Get Crunk For A Bit, Imma Drop A Bomb, My Lyrics Full Of Steroids, Makes Weiry People Paranoid, Fries The Circuts, Of A Fuckin Android, Im Back For The Attack, On This King Kupa Track, Murder Everybody, With My Fuckin Gun Rack, Im Solid As Fuck, But Don't Push Your Luck, I Don't Give A Shit, Im Buck As Fuck, I'll Chop You Up, In The Back, Of A Truck, Leave Ya Holdin Your Gut, Spewin Blood Out Your Butt, Shut Your Mouth Mutt, I'll Treat You Like A Dirty Slut, My Sound Surrounds, Six Feet, Up Or Down, My Beats, Make The World Spin Round, Eminem Betta Look Out, Cause Im Back On The Track, And Im Never Going Back, Marshall Better Watch, My Aerial Attack, I'll Flip You Right Back, To Your Face On The Floor, Your Last Two Cd's, Were A Fuckin Boar, I Wouldn't Sell That Shit, To A Dirty Fuckin Whore, Its My Basic Instinct, The Way That I Spit, Is So Distinct, Looked At A Sexy Girl, And Winked, I Don't Fuck Around, I Hit The World, With A Sound, That Makes Ya'll Bounce Around, The Kings Styles Profound, I Dropped My Last Tape, In The Lost And Found, I Looked At A Bitch, And Put Her Panties, To The Ground, Put It In Your Mouth, I Stretch Your Gums Around, Come On Bitch, Get The Baby Batter Off The Brain, Your Naked Body's, Got My Dick, Goin Insane, Two More Seconds, And I'll Spread My Fuckin Fame, Girl, Your Bump And Grind, Is Gettin Lame, I'll Give It To Ya Hard, If Only You'll Say My Fuckin Name, Hurry Make Me Cum, This Isn't A Game, If The King Slaps You, Whos to Blame, I'll Ignite You In Flames, I'll Lift You Up, And Muthafuckin Mame, All The Hipacrits Out There, Blame There Hypocracy, on Democracy, Imma Chill, Drink A Beer, And Watch Hockey, Thats What Canadians Do, I'll Watch the game all the way Through, God Damn The Buzzer Blew, The Oilers Win, Three Periods Through, For Every Beer, The Fuckin Score Grew, I Beat My Dick, Till Its Blue, And Shoot My Goo, Sorry If It Landed On You, I Watched Donnie Darko, And Blew A Screw, God Damn Evil Bunny, Travilin Through Time, Like Its Funny, The Kid Shit Talked, His Mummy, The Father, Must Have Sniffed Glue, I Got That, BlueBerry Bobonic, Chronic, I Blaze The Shit With Sonik, Hey Wheres Konvict, Man Thats Ironic, Pass My Gin And Tonic, While I Smoke This Chronic, Lil Wayne, I Hope Your Having Fun, Cause soon, You'll Die By A Gun, Bitch, You Betta Run, Or I'll Lyriclly Smash You, I'll Do It All For Fun, Im On The Dance Floor, Stirrin Up The Club, Brushed Up Against A Hussie, But Man She Wasn't Fussy, She Straight Offered Up Her Pussy, King Kupa Hit It All Night, Spread Her Legs Appart, And Got Busy, After The Big O Hit, I Unloaded A Shipment, In Her Face, She Took My Dick, All The Way To The Base, This Is My Transition, To My New Shit, Its Like Slim Shady, Going From, Encore To Recovery, My Assault And Battery, Has You In The Position, To Beat You Into Submission, You Had A Vision, And Made A Decision, Now Stop Dissin, Or You'll End Up Missin, I Spit So Fast, I Fuck Up Gravity, Marshall Don't Be Mad At Me, Its Time To Drop Those Accents G, How Can You Charge, People A Fee, Listen To Me, I Spit To A T, Konvikt And Sonik, Had An Open Floor, In That Hour, They Made Holy War, Man That Track Went Far, I Bump It In My Car, I Pack Weed In My Bowl, While I Jam Out, To Toxik Soul, Watch Taylor Hall, Score A Fuckin Goal, Watch Payton Manning, Take The SuperBowl, Lay A Bitch, In A Bed, Full Of Coals, Dustin, I miss You, Your my Fuckin Bro, I Think About You, While Im Rollin My Dro, Bro You Were The Pro, No Hoe, Compares To Your, Rolled Dro, Man That Shit, Will Pick You Up, And Go, When It Came To Other Drugs, You Always Said No, Your Always Good For That, Bro, Four And A Half Minutes, No Hook, Just Straight Flow, My Dicks, Startin To Glow, See That Bitch, Dancin On The Pole, I'll Fill Her Pussy Whole, King Kupa, Just Scored A Goal.