You lost, like Jack when he's, stuck out the box/ You walk, in a dark path, But, we got the key, but you, a broken lock./ An Your fuse is short, like a broken stock, sawed off at, the barrell/ Cause your pane's, Glazed, Within, Four windows of terrible/ ” - King Kupa

Wealth Of Depression Feat. Adriann Mangaard

"I got my eye's on the prize, Like i'm, Lookin at myself. Despite my, Offspring, Tellin me, I'm pretty fly, For a, White guy."” - King Kupa

Letter To My Son


Hip Hop Artist in Edmonton

Rap The Beat Up

Watch out - King Kupa Hip Hop is going to be the newest name hot on everybody's lips. I've got the flair, the style, but most importantly, I've got the music to make you move. Edmonton has always been a major inspiration for great musicians of the past, and my area has been no different for me. I've created a whole new dimension to music, with each new track even better than the last. With music perfect for everyday listening or getting you hyped for a night out, you can be sure I'm going to be the next big thing. Get in touch on the form below and let me know what you think.


Need to get in the booth and lay down your vocals, But cant afford the big studios, I got you covered here at King Kupa Hip Hop, Book out as much time as you need in my accoustaclly treated studio room, Running a Audio Technica XLR Connected Condenser Microphone, Through a Focusrite Scarlette 2I2 3rd Gen Audio Interface, with two xlr inputs at the same time. As well im running Presonius Studio Monitors set up with TRX Balanced connections. If you need Vocal mixing or full track stem mixing and mastering. I can do all of this for you at an affordable price. Im using all the top DAW's I.E. Pro Tools, FL Studio, Abelton Live, With all the top plugins from companies like Fabfilter, Waves, Izotope and Slate. Gimme a try. For every customer brought to me is also a free master for you.


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Wealth Of Depression Feat. Adriann Mangaard


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